Best Interior Design Trends from 1970

Monday, May 14th, 2018 - Interior
1970’s Interior Design Photos

The upcoming interior design which gets much attention from our society is the interior design based on the wooden elements. This design was once really well known in the late 1970s. The Best Interior Design Trends from 1970 focuses on the design of the interior which used the wooden element as their basic design. The use of wooden element functions to help synchronize the classical design of the European and American design on the late 1970s. The use of wooden elements also helps to create the natural environment.

Interior Design Trends 1970 is a combination of the classical European and American with the modern design of the 2000s. As the result of this combination, the interior design which developed in the 2000s looks simple yet classic and classy. The classical design of the late 1970s makes people feels comfortable and yet it is also full of simplicity. The Interior Design Trends 1970 has made several designs on the room especially kitchen, dining room, living room and even the stairs. For example on the kitchen design, the interior is stressed on the use of wooden elements in its design, as the result of the small room the design tries to maximal the use of the chamber. Simplicity becomes the theme of the design where the dining table becomes one in the kitchen.

The furniture that is used in the design mainly has the triangle shape to express strong and strict design of the 1970s. The color which is used in the design is the natural color of the wood that we can get it only by furnish it, the combination of the black color strengthen the existence of the natural color. Another example is the dining room design which the design of the furniture focuses on the strong curve of the furniture. It is also the used the color of gold and white which is combined with a strong line of black color.

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Interior Design 1970s

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Interior Design Trends 1970

The living room, with the combination of the wooden furniture and the modern design sofa it will look more casual. The living room design with the wooden wall and the aquarium will give you the natural sensation of the environment and of course with the appropriate lighting system. While the living room with more retro like can be designed with the strong color of lines that will make square design on its wall. Finally the stair can be more classic with the use of wooden element as its steps and the combination of the white color of the wall.

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