Minimalist Bathroom Design 2014

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 - Bathroom, Interior, Tips
Minimalist Bathroom Ideas For Family

If you have a small bathroom, you should be smart to choose the items you want to put in your bathroom to make it comfortable. It is recommended by experts of interior design to use the walls with bright color so that of your bathroom looks spacious although it is small.

If you want to put the tub in the bathroom is small, we suggest you should not use such a large bathtub or swimming pool but use a small tub but enough for the size of your body and your family. It will not take place a lot, and you can use other space to put the furniture that you like such as glass or a place to put the towel. If you want to put the furniture such as glass and a towel hook, you should put on the high point of the wall.

Minimalist Elegant Bathroom Design

You must be careful in choosing bathroom tiles. If you use a dark color, you will need more lighting and more cost in electricity consumption. But, by using a dark color ceramic, your bathroom will be more luxurious than using bright colors ceramics.

Bathroom Design Ideas 2014

If you use bright colors ceramics, the showers will be seen more widely and looks cleaner. But, when using bright colors ceramics, your bathroom will be dirty faster than dark color ceramic. Well, there are advantages and disadvantages of each ceramic light and dark colors, you know what is the best to choose.

Bathroom Interior Design Picture

Here are some tips in Minimalist Bathroom Design 2014 when choosing bathroom tiles, here some important things you should remember :
1. In choosing bathroom tiles, you should choose ceramic with slightly rough surface so that there will not be slippery. Because if the floor is slippery, it would be dangerous to your family.
2. In choosing the bathroom wall tiles, choose the tiles with a smooth surface. This will make it easy to cleaning the bathroom wall.
3. Choose the size that matches spacious of bathroom.

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