Minimalist Kitchen Design With Green Color

Sunday, March 18th, 2018 - Interior, Kitchen
Green Kitchen Tiles Picturre

Choosing color is important in designing the room. The right color choice will make the occupants feel comfortable. For those of you who like the green color and wants to build a kitchen with a green theme, do not be afraid to be wrong. Here there is an example of a Kitchen With Green Theme .

Light green color can create an impression of a kitchen that is full of serenity, presenting a balance , as well as fresh impression. This color can be combined with the white color for cleaner impression.

Green is the color of nature that is able to bring a sense of relaxation when applied to kitchen space. This looks refreshing cool color so that you can do with good cooking. This color is suitable for both traditional and modern minimalist kitchen designs. You can try it yourself. See also Minimalist Kitchen Set Design .

Green Kitchen Paint Idea

Green Kitchen Cabinets Design

Choose a combination of light green color with white. For the main color of the room, you should use a white color and wraps on the floor, walls and ceiling throughout. The white color will make your kitchen look clean and healthy. Furthermore, with the application of white color as the base color, then you will feel free because this color is able to make your kitchen seem more spacious.

Minimalist Green Kitchen 2014

Kitchen inspiring Design 2014

While the green color would be more fitting when applied to furniture color. Apply this color on the cooking area like the kitchen set, both upper and lower cabinet. Combine with top table with white of granite material for the kitchen look more clean and modern. The combination of light green and white can also do other room. Read also Tips to Make Neat and Clean Kitchen .

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