New Minimalist Toilet Design In 2014

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 - Bathroom, Interior
Modern Minimalist Toilet Design

Toilet design can indeed be an indicator of the cleanliness of a family. If you want to know someone is clean or not then you can see from the toilet in his home. And what about the toilets in your house? Before read about toilet design, Read also Minimalist Bathroom Interior Design.

So basically there are a few things to consider when designing a home toilet. Most appropriate measure at least 1.2 meters x 2 meters. With the minimum size allows one to move freely. Besides the Toilet door should also be designed to be opened fully.

In addition, the toilet should also have very good lighting, but the most important is the availability of clean water for hand washing or disposal poured. The lavatory designs on the market are squatting and sitting model, so you can choose according to user habits. Minimalist Toilet Design with squat model is better because it seems more freely. However, for the elderly it would be a little difficult.

Black And White Toilet Color

Elegant Toilet Design Idea

So also should be a handle on the toilet walls of the stainless steel material. This is in anticipation of elderly users. As for the glass and the door should also be selected in quality, because quality is a satisfaction. For example just like the door is not easily broken or eaten by termites. While on the toilet wall should be chosen from a ceramic with a smooth surface. So the wall so that it is easier to be cleaned. See also Blue and White Bathroom.


Modern Toilet Design Idea

Simple Minimalist Toilet ImageTo use the floor itself is rather rough surface to avoid slip hazard. The most important thing in order to keep toilets clean and does not seem dark, color selection that is fixed, use bright colors rather avoid bleak colors. It is not spared of the design is the slope of the floor, at least about 2 percent of the slope so that water can flow in the direction of discharge. With such a design, the toilet room can be kept clean and comfortable when used. That is why it is important to pay attention to the design of the lavatory.

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