Tips To Make Home Healthy

Friday, March 16th, 2018 - Furniture, Tips
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The previous article has give some information about Tips To Make Home Healthy. In this article, there are the next things about it.

Ventilation .
The function of ventilation is to keep the air circulation going well so that the balance of oxygen needed by residents can be preserved well. Lack of ventilation will cause the air circulation is not smooth so it will make the house become stuffy.

A healthy home has no rodents, insects or cockroaches nesting in the house.

1. Available water capacity at least is 60 liters / day / person
2. Water quality must meet the health requirements of clean water and drinking water in accordance with the legislation in force .

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Storage facilities
Available safe and hygienic food storage facilities.

1. Wastewater coming from the house, do not pollute water sources, odorless and does not contaminate the soil surface.
2. Solid waste must be managed so as not to cause odor, does not cause pollution to the soil surface and groundwater.

Density residential bedroom.
Spacious sleeping area of at least 8m2 and is not recommended to use more than two people sleeping in a room, except children under the age of 5 years.

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When studied further it is only logical whole society occupies healthy and livable homes. The house is not enough to simply as shelter and refuge from the hot weather or rain, the home must also ensure the creation of conditions such as the following:
1 . Prevent the occurrence of disease
2 . Prevent accidents
3 . Provide security and comfort for occupants

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Plan to Build Healthy Homes For Family must not only pay attention to the physical aspects of the house only, but a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the house must also be considered by the inhabitants, the atmosphere can be obtained by filling the days with family with affection and love. Thus your home will be categorized as a healthy home. Good luck to plan a safe and healthy home comfortable for your family.

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