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Monday, March 12th, 2018 - Furniture, Interior, Living room
Trend Living Room Design Idea

The living room is the first part of your house that will be seen when your friends come to your house to visit. Living room with wide space is very expensive, it’s not surprising that many people who apply the minimalist theme inside the home or office that they build. Trendy Home Decor will give you some information about it.

By using minimalist design, the living room is certainly no longer filled by items which make the living room is crowded. It still allows us to put items such as bookshelves and television, but we have to choose the location and layout of our living room so that will not look crowded.

Cool Living Room Design1

The small living room need more innovation than a wide living room. The first, the living room must not be filled with items that make it look crowded. You must be able to give good impression although you have small living room. By creating a living space organized and clean will certainly be able to make good impression for people who saw it.

Modern Simple Living Room Idea

Amazing Modern Living Room

In building a living room, of course the lighting in the living room is very important to make the living room does not seem dark , dirty, and cramped. The adequate lighting will make the living room look comfortable and spacious.

Beautiful Living Room Design

To make the living room more beautiful and unsightly, you need a light that not only serves to be a source of light in the living room but can also make the living room becomes more beautiful with the decorative lights.
In choosing decorative lighting for living room, you can choose the hanging lamps, floor lamps which are placed on the floor , or ceiling lights which are commonly used by the majority of people.

White Living Room Idea

Minimalist Living Room Picture

Above you can see some models of lights to decorate the living room that can be applied at home. Read more about living room on Color Paint and Wallpaper for Living Room.

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